Visiting Slow Fiber Studios in Berkely

Ort: Slow Fiber Studios Annex, 1825 Eighth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

We are traveling to Berkeley, California, to meet Yoshiko I. Wada and her team at the Slow Fiber Studios.
This is a great opportunity, and we are looking forward to meet and collaborate with these fine people and artist.

Also, there will be workshops at the Slow Fiber Studios to share our work and techniques with students.
Maria has prepared talks on how she uses found or given materials and how she uses story telling in her work.
We plan to have guided field trips with interested students to collect materials that could be used later in the work shops. 

"Jewelry from Found Objects"
Making a collection of small rubbish items, e.g. plastic fragments, found on the shoreline or on streets. Putting them together in a creative way, we will invent new shapes and color combinations. Single parts then will be accentuated with gold leaf.
These small objects will look awesome and develop a value in their own right.

"Fiber Techniques in Jewelry"
Knitting and crocheting might not be seen as regular techniques in jewelry making. Never the less, there are countless ways to work with organic fibers and threads when making new shapes and bodies, that will become brooches, pendants or necklaces.
Moreover, thin metal wires can be worked in a textile style, as in knit chains, made in a ancient technique first known from the Northern Pontic Scythians, dating back to the first millennium BC.






Finde more information on the work shops: